Thursday, September 6, 2012

Am I Big, Mommy?

Finally, I have an answer to the question that bothers you every waking hour:
"Am I BIG now, Mama?? When will I become big? Have my toes grown big today?"

Yes, yes, you are three today!!! And that makes you a BIG boy! Okay, only somewhat. Not anywhere as big as you would like to be, considering that you not only refuse to believe you are (only) three, you also insist on telling people you are "eleven"!! You little imp, being three is not bad at all. It'll be fun, I swear. Truckloads of fun. Especially when you have your favorite "toy" around for company - a baby brother!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, my adorable one!

As a fun birthday present, here's a compilation of your reactions to our oft-read picture books, which includes, apart from the countless "WHY's," your various casual observations - whether inane, funny, or profound. I hope you have fun reading this after many more birthdays, when your toe becomes BIG and your perspective gets "BIG"ger too.

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess
***The adorable but stealthy Cat in the Hat meets stiff opposition from the fish in the pot. The fish, wary of the cat's plans of playing indoors says "No, no! You should not play in the house!" ***

This line caught your attention as early as 14 months, and if we quiz you with: "And the fish said...?"

And you'd respond: "No No!"
And this was probably the first line in a book that you learnt to complete. You loved imitating the fish in the pot saying "No, No!" to the Cat in the Hat so much that you christened the fish itself as Nono! Somewhere along, after countless reads, the lines blurred and the Cat in the Hat himself became your Nono!

Stories by Eloise Wilkins

***A set of nine classic stories ***
Of which your fave is a boy named Timmy who eats, drinks, dresses up, takes bath.. all by himself.
The illustrations in the book seems so real and inviting, I once caught you trying to scrape off the delicious-looking deep red pomegranate seeds off the page! :)

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff/ Felicia Bond
***What happens if you give a mouse a cookie? He'll ask for some milk to go with it!***
Appu (after the mouse flaunts his milk mustache): "What is a milk mustache?" "Milk mustache nu paranjal enda?"
When I point out your own milk mustache after you drink milk, you run to the mirror to take a closer look and then can't stop smiling silly :))

While eating golibaje, a very happy Appu yells: "If.You.Give.A.Mouse.A. Golibaje!"

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems
***An interactive picture book where a bus driver, who while stepping out for a break, requests the reader to not let the wily, persistent pigeon drive the bus.***
Appu: Where did bus driver go?
Mama: Duh!
Appu: Why can't we let the pigeon drive the bus?????
Mama: Err..
Appu: Is it because the pigeon will poop inside the bus??
Mama: Aha!

How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague

***A picture book about dinosaurs tidying up their rooms while their very human Mamas n Papas proudly stand by the door and applaud.***

Appu (Pointing to the door that looks puny in comparison to the enormous dinosaur): "How does the dinosaur get into his room? Through that door??" (Dinosaur engane ee room-il vannu?)

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
***A classic bedtime read with rich illustrations of the great green bedroom.***

Mama (pointing to the picture of the cow jumping over the moon): Why is this cow jumping over the moon?
Appu: Because he loves to jump, Mama!
(Cowinu jump cheyyan ishtaanu Mama!)
Pointing to each of the three little bears sitting in the chairs, you insist on naming them as: "Papa Bear, Mama Bear and  Baby Bear" in the order of their sizes.
Appu (After staring at the tiny toyhouse in the great green room with a longing):
"Can Appu enter the toyhouse if he becomes a toy, Mama?"
("Appu toy aayal toyhouse-il kayaran pattu vo Mama?")


sandhya said...

Happy birthday to the BIG little boy!

A lovely collection of children's classics, Veena!

Am mailing you.

Veena said...

A BIG thank you from the BIG boy himself! :)