Saturday, September 7, 2013

Appu turns Four!

* Loves music..especially the ones with a soft and soulful beat
* Loves to swing his bicycle to the tune of music, pedaling steadily when the music flows softly and swerving it according to the harmony as the music takes on a uplifting lilt or beat.
* Rough guy within the home zone and with neighbor friends, gentle at school
* Loves giving piggy-back rides in his bicycle to his little brother
* Fond of jeans, absolutely refuses to wear any other pant or shorts
* Favorite bed-time read is Unnikutante Lokam by Nandanar..Uttikutante story vayichhu tharuvo Mama? is his common bedtime request.
* Can't stand the word 'No', and will do exactly opposite of what's being told..His oft-used catchphrase is "No, NEVER, I will neva, neva, neva, neva do that!" 
* Digs numbers; the bigger the better..he changed his age on the birthday banner from 4 to 143 because he wants to be big. Current favorite number is 7 ("because it is so strong")
* Reads most sight words(two, three, four lettered)..quite comfortable with pre-reader books
* Enjoys listening to poems and rhymes.
* Crazy about Trucks..not so much into cars now
* Loves to play treasure hunt around the house
* Draws houses, stick figures...enjoys coloring..
* Learnt the trick of shading with pencil from somewhere and now he insists on shading the letters in his copywriting HW book..Now all the letters that he has traced are soo thick and sooo black and the pages look as if it's smeared in soot.
* Recently learnt to draw faces, enjoys drawing himself. He wanted to write "happy birthday" to himself in one of the caricatures, and it was spelled this way: "Hap Bade"..When he asked me if the spelling was correct, I mentioned casually that some letters seem to be missing. He immediately set out to correct it and came back with this: "Hape Baddee" ;)) I couldn't stop smiling so he quipped "But I added an extra e to fix it Mama!"